Beijing: China’s spy ship ‘Yuan Wang 5’ equipped with various surveillance equipment,5 has entered the Indian Ocean region ahead of India’s test of a long-range ballistic missile in the Bay of Bengal. Sources gave this information on Tuesday. It is learned that the Indian Navy monitors the movement of Chinese ships capable of tracking ballistic missiles and satellites.

The ship’s stoppage at the Hambantota port in August triggered a diplomatic row between India and Sri Lanka. Open-source intelligence expert Damian Simon tweeted on Monday that ‘China’s missile and satellite surveillance ship ‘Yuan Wang 5′ has entered the Indian Ocean region.’

There has been no official comment on reports of the spy ship’s presence in the Indian Ocean region. As per the protocol, India has issued NOTAM (Notice to Airmen/Notice to Air Mission) regarding a recent missile test. It is unclear whether India will go ahead with the missile test plan, given the presence of the Chinese spy ship.

According to experts, the Chinese ship was last seen in the Sunda Strait of Indonesia. The Chinese ship’s visit to the Indian Ocean comes amid concerns over increased regional activities by Chinese military and research vessels. India is strengthening defense and security ties with like-minded countries in the Indian Ocean in the backdrop of concerns over China’s growing activities in the region.

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